NJ Woodturners

Contacts and Officials

PRESIDENT  BOB AMARANT  (908)442-4729  e-mail  bobamarant@gmail.com 
VICE PRESIDENT STEVE ANTONUCCI (862)268-3051 e-mail  santonucci@aol.com
CORRESPONDING SEC'Y  STU BAUER  (973)584-9524  e-mail  stushirl@gmail.com 
RECORDING SEC'Y  JON TEEPLE  (973)267-6069  e-mail  oldfish@localnet.com 
TREASURER  MAURICE COHEN  (973)379-4426  e-mail  maudcw@aol.com 
LIBRARIAN  CHET CONLON  (908)359-1178 e-mail  conlonchester@gmail.com
MEMBERSHIP  ANDY COYLE  (973)942-3106  e-mail  andy@andycoyle.com 
WEBMASTER  BRUCE ARNOLD  (908)735-7898  e-mail  barnold@ieee.org 
PROGRAMS  GIL MALAVE  (908)310-3557  e-mail  gmleland@yahoo.com 
WEEKEND WORKSHOPS  HITOSHI TANAKA  (908) 889-5753 e-mail  hitanaka@comcast.net
PHOTOGRAPHER  MIKE BROWN  (973)865-4278  e-mail  ou4dm45ter@hotmail.com 
EQUIPMENT  GIL MALAVE  (908)310-3557  e-mail  gmleland@yahoo.com 
SNACKS MARGO DUDLEY (908)963-0014 e-mail  margodudley@yahoo.com
SNACKS JIM BECKWITH (908)526-0516 e-mail  boldcoast63@yahoo.com
VIDEOGRAPHER  STU BAUER  (973)584-9524  e-mail  stushirl@gmail.com 
SAFETY CHAIR  MIKE ABBERLEY (973)710-6483 e-mail  mikeabberley@gmail.com

If you are interested in joining the New Jersey Woodturners association please contact the membership chair; any of the club officers; or feel free to  come to one of our monthly meetings and introduce yourself.  (Technical note: the email link above will work in most cases. If not, just copy the actual email address into your mail program.)