NJ Woodturners

Members Gallery

Some members of the association have a gallery page below, if the page is populated it will have a date on which the page was updated. Simply click on the name to see the page. Visit regularly and see the exciting work that our members are doing. Note: the random photo shown below will change whenever you come to this page. You may also click Refresh or press the F5 key.

Bruce Arnold June 2013
Jim Beckwith October 2012
Keith Brown 2009 August 2010
Adrien Coblentz August 2010
Maurice Cohen January 2016
Jim Frederick January 2006
Dennis Fuge January 2001
Tom Gall October 2004
Wil Goldschmidt December 2005
Wil Goldschmidt 2009 February 2009
Wil Goldschmidt 2012 April 2012
Bruce Gordon October 2004
Daina Krumins December 2007
Duke Hemmer February 2014
Ed Holzli June 2009
Stanley Lefkow May 2003
Bruce Long December 2010
Isaac Mc Donald January 2004
Gualberto Malave April 2005
Gil Malave 2009 July 2009
Gil Malave 2014 February 2014
Ed Nevins April 2012
Mort Olin October 2004
David Ottenstein December 2005
Eric Ottenstein December 2005
Hal Ottenstein December 2005
Rich Pagano December 2005
Michael Rosenberg December 2005
John Schneider March 2001
Terry Sisco March 2001
Hitoshi Tanaka
April 2005
Hitoshi Tanaka 2009
February 2009
Tony Whalen 2009
February 2009